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Dubai World Expo

The CIL was invited to the Austrian Pavilion @Expo2020 in Dubai to present our approach to data-driven and evidence-based urban planning in an open workshop format. 

We brought the City Intelligence Lab to Dubai to show an interactive urban design model that couples generative building generation, deep learning accelerated impact assessment in real-time with augmented reality.

    Some highlights we are showcasing throughout the workshop:

    Plan, Design, Optimize:

    • Generative urban model for rapid massing studies
    • Real-time impact assessment using Artificial Intelligence 
    • KPI driven, holistic plan evaluation covering topics from microclimate to mobility
    • Interconnected co-design workflows with Augmented Reality

    Communicate and decide:

    • Advanced optioneering  and data management through an online database
    • Accessing and sharing urban design variants and simulation results through a browser
    • Data exploration and KPI based variant comparison through a browser
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