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Accessibility Evaluation Tool

The main purpose of accessibility analysis tool is creating visualizations of accessibility for cities, using calculations for the shortest travel time. It focuses on combining walking, shared bicycles and public transport, when looking for the most efficient route, but also comes with the option of evaluating accessibility on personal bicycle.  It uses simple, easy to obtain or create data, simplicity of which allows for fast calculations, producing immediate results. It can be used for analyzing accessibility in existing cities, simulating impacts of creating a new public transport connections, as an assistance for planning a completely new network and more.

One of the advantages of the tool is the user interface, which allows anyone to use it after short introduction, without the need of previous knowledge of software Rhinoceros 6 and Grasshopper. It is therefore ideal for workshops and other events, where producing multiple simulations with high level of accuracy in a very short amount of time by multiple people is beneficial.

The tool comes with multiple options for evaluating and displaying accessibility, all directly usable from the interface. It also comes with the option of extra features for specific cities, like pre-saving proposed public transport lines and points of interest into the tool, and accessing them later for immediate evaluation and results.

The tool makes use of Grasshopper extension SpiderWeb by Richard Schaffranek, and is originally based on a script created by Ondrej Veselý.

E-Mail to Project Contact: Ernst Gebetsroither

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