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A new Approach to urban plannıng

Austrian Institute of Technology | City Intelligence Lab
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The City Intelligence Lab (CIL) is part of the Digital Resilient Cities Competence Unit anchored in the Center for Energy of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.
We develop novel forms and techniques for the urban development practice of the future. Driven by AI accelerated impact assessment of urban designs in real-time, automate plan generation, data analysis and visualization we help developers, municipalities and planners to design resilient and performative cities for the future.



State Prize Mobility

InFraReD was nominated for the National Award for Mobility (Staatspreis Mobilität 2021), the highest award that the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology awards to Austrian organisations.

The “Intelligent Framework for Resilient Design”, developed in the City Intelligence Lab of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH was nominated in the category “Research. Develop. Showing new ways”

Conference Paper: The Optimization of High-Rises in Vienna

In the paper we outline a framework for the environmental performance assessment and optimisation of highrise buildings. The study exemplifies the potential of automated model generation and ML (Machine Learning) accelerated simulatios in real-time to explore a project’s performance potential.

Dubai World Expo

The CIL was invited to the Austrian Pavilion @Expo2020 in Dubai to present our approach to data-driven and evidence-based urban planning in an open workshop format. We brought the City Intelligence Lab to Dubai to show an interactive urban design model that couples generative building generation, deep learning accelerated impact assessment in real-time with augmented reality.

Treehopper (WTZ Hackathon Vienna)

Organized in cooperation with the City of Vienna, SDG Watch Austria and University of Vienna, the hackathon focused on nine challenges around the topics of environment and mobility.

Our solution, Treehopper won the first prize! It aims to foster citizen engagement through an interactive web platform that allows users to propose tree locations while getting instant feedback on the environmental impact and feasibility.

Digital Futures 2021

The City Intelligence Lab offered again a workshop at the DigitalFUTURES World 2021 event this year. Here is a recap video that shows how InFraReD helped participants address urban planning problems and design with real-time performance feedback.

The participant combined InFraReD’s AI environmental performance models with various other analyses and generative design models using both, our web app ( and our new Grasshopper integration.

Hackathon Riga (RiCaZo)

Over the weekend, the City Intelligence Lab partnered up with our colleagues in the Digital Resilient Cities to tackle the Urban Mobility Hackathon, hosted by the EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

We took on the challenge of helping Riga’s roll-out of traffic calming measures by hacking together an interactive platform for testing such strategies and holistically assessing their impact along a range of key performance indicators.

Hackathon Bratislava

The CIL successfully participated in the Climathon Bratislava. We landed the 2nd place in best student teams with our idea for: RainRace – Rain Avoidant Navigation.
Our network and routing model takes forecasted weather conditions into account and guides the user through space and time without getting wet.

VCÖ Mobility Award

The City Intelligence Lab won the Austrian VCÖ Mobility Award in the Category “Digitalization – Concepts and Pilot Projects” with our project “InFraReD – Intelligent Framework for Resilient Design. A digital Planning Platform for Integrated Urban Design”. The Award is given Annually in 13 Categories and is supported by the Austrian Ministry of Climate Change, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

“An important project for the future of city planning and spatial development, which enables us to account for mobility related questions in early planning phases” said Willi Nowak, president of the VCÖ.

Digital Futures 2020

Digital Futures was a blast. We are excited to share the outcomes of our „AI for resilient urban planning“ Workshop/Hackathon from this year’s truly global DigitalFutures conference.

A big thanks to our participants and the DF team to make this event happen ! And of course to the CIL team. Angelos Chronis,Theodore Galanos,Nariddh Khean,Diellza Elshani.

AEC Hackathon 2020

The CIL joined forces with old and new colleagues from Bauhaus Uni weimar, ETH zurich and the Future CIty Labs in Copenhagen to take part in the AEC Hackathon at BloxHub! It was a truly exciting and intense event. Our team’s hack tried to deliver solutions to the question of how to use rapid impact-assessment of urban designs for participatory planning approaches.


Data Driven Urban Design

We develop fully integrated digital urban models that are directly linked to our impact assessment simulations. We automate the generation of urban designs using custom parametric models.

AI Impact Assessment

We offer AI-driven impact assessment in real-time. From microclimate simulations, wind comfort, flooding and solar potential to noise, accessibility, transit and cost estimations, our AI models enable real-time decision making.

Optimise, Analyse, Decide

We iterate through hundreds of designs and distil actionable insights from thousands of data points and simulation results to support data-driven decision making.

Co-Creation & Communication

A design is only as good as its communication. We develop tailor-made solutions for visualizing and communicating design scenarios and simulation results. From interactive web-based dashboards to VR and AR apps our models are designed to enable stakeholder engagement.



Hybrid Planner – Co-Creation

Hybrid Planner – Co-Creation

The CIL developed a hybrid planner to allow the urban co-creation using analogue models / sketches and combine them with intelligent digital models, simulation and visualisation.

Visualization Frameworks

Visualization Frameworks

We develop tailor-made solutions for visualizing and communicating design scenarios and simulation results.

Aspern Urban Lab

Aspern Urban Lab

The CIL has developed an AR-based and AI-powered urban planning environment to design and analyse building blocks.

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We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on the developments presented on the website. Please let us know what you think and contact us if you have any questions using the contact form below or via e-mail.

You may find detailed contact information about the Digital Resilient Cities on our main website.