The Cities Intelligence Lab website presents a collection of smart spatial planning applications developed at the AIT competence unit Digital Resilient Cities.

Recent projects

Urban Analysis

A data-informed planning process starts with a profound urban analysis as step one that visualizes urban complexities in meaningful maps.

Urban Simulation

Developing a set of computational tools to analyze and predict various performance aspects of spatial configurations.

Adaptive Masterplans

Developing proposals for strategic planning with adaptive master plans that react in real-time to changes of parameters and allow to increase the level of detail using a digital design loop.

Spatial Synthesis

We use spatial synthesis tools in urban context to generate a optimized solutions in different compositions.


Transforming public data into new intelligence and using the full potential of citizens by sharing ideas in the co-production of decision making.

Design Exploration

We use Design Exploration for designing and understanding the analysis response of alternative concept designs.


This page presents tools and developments of the Cities Intelligence Lab. You may find detailed contact information about the Digital Resilient Cities on our main website.

We are very pleased if you send us your feedback on the demonstrations that are presented on the Cities Intelligence Lab website. Let us know what do you think and share your opinion on our projects with us! Please, contact us and we will get back to you.

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Nikolas Neubert

Nikolas Neubert

Head of Competence Unit

Digital Resilient Cities

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