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Treehopper (WTZ Hackathon Vienna)

The #City Intelligence Lab  is proud to announce that the CIL team won the  WTZ Hackathon “Digital Solutions for Societal Challenges – Environment & Mobility”! Organized in cooperation with the City of Vienna, DigitalCity.Wien, UpLeveled GmbH, SDG Watch Austria and University of Vienna, the hackathon focused on nine challenges around the topics of environment and mobility.

The City of Vienna’s climate strategy involves planting 25,000 new trees. Toward that goal, we were posed with the challenge of creating a participatory digital solution that considers important criteria such as parking spaces, heat islands, etc.

Our solution, Treehopper, aims to foster citizen engagement and empower their participation through an interactive web platform that allows users to propose new tree locations while getting instant feedback on the impact on microclimate, shading, car and bike parking, as well as technical feasibility. While DL models enable real-time feedback, an AR mode ensures a tangible communication of design variants to non-experts. This makes finding and negotiating tree placements a process that can be well-considered, data-driven, and minimally detrimental to the individual.

Big kudos to the hackathon team: Nariddh Khean, Serjoscha Düring, Viktoria Tudzharova , Iason Giraud, Anna Erdi and Theresa Fink!

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